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Working DIS Installation Simple Guide + Downloads

Download Links [Dropbox]:

*EDIT 7 May 2018:
OK, thank you everyone who left a comment, I am glad so many people have found this guide helpful. Due to the high volume of traffic and unreliability of the DropBox links, I have finally added the files to MediaFire and Google Drive.

This is a guide on how to install DIS using the instructions that come in the .zip files, not a detailed guide. The complete procedure to install DIS is quite complicated and has so many variations that will end up with it not working or need the whole thing installing again to change, so follow through them as per the guide below and you should get it going, as many others have. 
Read the troubleshooting section at the bottom, particularly the first part. The Windows install on some laptops simply will not work with the virtual networking needed to set DIS up and/or routing of the COM ports, yet another laptop running the same Windows version will work fine. If you find yourself unable to complete the installation or connect the hardware as shown below after a few tries,  switch to another laptop or do a fresh install of Windows.


You will need:
  1. A laptop running Windows, preferably XP SP2.
  2. A USB-OBD cable (or a serial-OBD cable if your laptop has a serial port).
  4. VM Ware version 5.5 or later.
  5. EasyDIS.iso and DIS_v44_programs.iso.
  6. Diag Head Emulator.

Installation procedure that worked for me: [Obviously refer to the installation guides / videos for detailed instructions.]
  1. Disable Windows Firewall and Anti Virus.
  2. Install drivers for your USB-OBD cable and USB-serial adapter, making sure it is set as port COM1.
  3. Install / update INPA / EDIABAS, using ADS interface, not OBD.
  4. Change environment path in Windows to c:/ediabas/bin.
  5. Install ADS Setup.
  6. Install OBD setup.
  7. Edit ediabas.ini, change remote-host and port.
  8. Install VM Ware [version 5.5 or higher].
  9. Edit VM Ware network bridge in network editor.
  10. Set up the new virtual machine with ethernet set to the network bridge.
  11. Install Diag Head Emulator.
  12. Install easy_DIS and the DIS programs.
  13. Load DIS, open/run Diag Head and open IFHsrv32.exe.
  14. In DIS, enter Administration > Calibrating Touch Shield, change the processes to off and make sure it passes the API test.
  15. Enter Administration > Diagnostic Head, click on the IP-address / computer-name and click the OK button.
  16. Enter Administration > Connection Setup, click on the IP-address / computer-name and click Connecting. Once connected the IP-address should appear in the bottom right and both sets of lights are lit up.
  17. Go back into Administration > Calibrating Touch Shield, set the vm process back to off and change translator to Fister.
  18. Edit ediabas.ini again, changing the interface to STD:OBD instead of ADS.
To run DIS / test connection:
  1. Connect cable to OBD socket on car and turn ignition to phase-2.
  2. Load up INPA (.ipo), check the Battery and Ignition dots are black.
  3. Close INPA, but leave EDIABAS Server running in task-bar.
  4. Start DIS and wait for it to fully load.
  5. Load up Diag Head and click run.
  6. Load up IFHsrv32.exe.
  7. Enter Administration > Calibrating Touch Shield in DIS.
  8. Perform API-test, check it passes, exit back to DIS.
  9. Click on Diagnosis and DIS should now identify your car / carry out the short-test.
  1. If you have access to more than one laptop, try installing DIS again on one of them, rather than wasting days on a problematic install. Some just don't want to work with virtual networking, but will probably work first time on another, similar laptop. [Reformatting the HDD and doing a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 may also fix the problem on a machine that will just not play ball.]
  2. If API-test fails - Check ediabas.ini has the right remote-host and port set / check VM network settings / try out this fix by changing addresses in Unix itself [] / ensure firewall is off and re-install DIS.
  3. If API-test passes, but DIS does not communicate - Check INPA is communicating and reboot DIS / check ediabas.ini has interface set to STD:OBD / check USB-serial port is set as COM1.
  4. DIS ERROR 200.19 - Battery is below 12v, connect a float-charger / check IP address is right for Diagnostic Head in DIS, Admin / check API-test passes.
  5. INPA ERROR IFS-0009 - Ensure USB-serial port is set as COM1 / check ediabas.ini has interface set to STD:OBD / make sure cable is working and fuse 25 has not blown.


  1. At first, I was extremely happy to find this page. The download links actually worked, and there were instructions. But, now I'm just frustrated. Your instructions are vague in some places, blatantly missing information in others, and assume that other users will magically know which instruction files to refer to (there are multiple ones contained in the ZIPs) and which settings to change. My complaining probably won't motivate you to help, but I figure this is pretty much a lost cause at this point and I might as well get better acquainted with my local BMW dealer.

    1. Yeah well quite a few people have got DIS working with my guide, so have you considered it may be beyond your skills? Your local BMW dealer is glad you exist. :)

  2. In case anyone is in the same situation I am. I was able to get working DIS/GT1 on my '02 E39 with Windows 7, 32-bit by using VMWare version 9. You have to be a little creative finding a free version with serial #, but its doable. Watch the videos and use the steps outlined above...and it will work.

  3. 7.Edit ediabas.ini, change remote-host and port. <- What do you set the remote-host value to?
    9.Edit VM Ware network bridge in network editor. <- What do you edit the values to?
    10.Set up the new virtual machine with ethernet set to the network bridge. <- Do you set up a WindowsXP VM?
    12.Install easy_DIS and the DIS programs. <- Are you referring to the EasyDIS-base-44-v1.0.iso being loaded within the XP VM you create?

    1. Hi, my step-by-step is a guide on how to use the install-guides as they can get confusing, not a straight up guide they already exist. I know it is frustrating all the virtual networking etc. but work through the guides and all the answers to your above questions are in there. Good luck.

  4. You do not require a diaghead emulator to set up and run either DIS v44 or DIS v57 installed under VMware on an EasyDIS base. This just unnecessarily complicates and slows DIS down. Refer to the diagnostic software thread on

    1. With this install I find that DIS will not run without Diaghead Emulator open as DIS itself does not think it is connected to a real life Diagnosis Head. I don't know about DIS running slower but it's nice when it runs at all.

  5. Your DIS link is blocked by Dropbox for excessive traffic. Any other location you would recommend to obtain the software? Thanks for doing this, the info and links and putting up with some less than grateful posters.

  6. Hello, I just tried to download files from links above, and both came as an error

  7. Hi do you hqve another link. For dis as this one has been blocked

  8. Thx, nice job ! Its ok work

  9. It just wont work. Has anyone here tried to use Daemon tools to mount the DS_v44 iso and programming files?

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  11. Would you used EasyDis as part with other software to reflash an E36 that did a manual conversion from auto?

  12. Hi! Unaffortunatelly the links to download aren't working anymore,do you have any other link or idea were to download all this?Thx.

  13. Can someone provide a link of detail instructions of how to download and set this up?

  14. The links do not work anymore. Not sure if you aware of this.

  15. DIS works fine you just don't set it up correct I've changed my steering angle sensor and re calibrated it with DIS and it worked fine... Do some reading and watch videos before saying stuff doesn't work thanks OP for the post helped me a lot.

    1. Hallos!! could you please send us a link? the ones above have been blocked by drop box.


  16. Replies
    1. video guides are included in the DIS instructions

  17. Would it be possible to update the download links ?
    thank you

  18. hello,you link is invalid,and i found a new link here:

    but i want a lastest version 6.4.7,do you have?

  19. thank you to everyone for your comments... I have finally updated the download links at the top

  20. Hi, thanks for sharing! I've had DIS 2 years ago on another laptop that's now dead. Needed it again but couldn't find it anywere so finding this page was a blessing!
    But i've got a question: how do i set up DIS to work with my ICOM inteface? I've read on forums that it should be possible without any emulation from EDIABAS, but nobody described how to do it..
    Can you help me please?